Utilities / Infrastructure

A part of Georgia’s modern, integrated electrical transmission system, Coffee County has excellent ability to supply industrial demands. Douglas is a member of MEAG (Municipal Electrical Authority of Georgia). There are three substations with 153.8 megawatt combined capacity. Electrical services are also available through Satilla REMC and Georgia Power Company. If demand exceeds 900kw, any supplier can step in and offer service.

Natural gas is supplied by South Georgia Natural Gas Company and available in industrial quantities on an interruptible basis through the City of Douglas.

Water and sewer are provided by the City of Douglas. Water plant capacity is 7.2 million gal/day; average consumption is 4.8 million gal/day. Water storage capacity is 2 million gallons in 4 elevated tanks, and 196,000 gallons ground storage. Water source is six deep wells.

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